Blueberry Island Publishing 

About Us
About Blueberry Island Publishing:

Blueberry Island Publishing is an independent  publisher exclusively featuring the works of author and poet, Sandie LaMaster.  Blueberry Island Publishing began as a vision.

It was only when two of Santa's Elves put their heads together, one encouraging the other, that Blueberry Island Publishing became a reality.  Elf Annie, a very spirited and inventive Elf, inspired Elf Ivy to be brave enough to write and publish her books.  Elf Ivy's family encouraged her, too, and sprinkled magic pixie dust every step of the way.

That's when Elf Ivy and Elf Annie met the Blueberry Island fairies.  And, that's when Blueberry Island Publishing was started!  Elf Ivy and Elf Annie had to zip back to their exciting responsibilities at the North Pole...but the chubby Blueberry Island fairies continue to do a magical job of publishing books!  They're still just a bit shy, though! 

About the Author:

Sandie LaMaster has been writing poems and stories since childhood.  Ah, the drama penned during her adolescent years!  Just after her 60th birthday, Sandie published her first book.  Inspired and mentored by a very true Elf, and encouraged by her husband and children, Sandie's dream came true.  You are looking at it!     
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