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 The Magic of Ely, haiku is a treasury of haiku and photographs describing the beauty, peace, serenity, and self-renewal experienced in the north woods near Ely, MN.  The photographs and poetry capture the July days of summer, where lives are measured by sunsets and loons, and souls are refreshed by peaceful tranquility of simplicity and quiet.  28 pages, full color photographs and cover, soft cover, 9.8" X 7.8".  Price: $6.99
Pines whisper greetings
along winding silent roads
lined with tall birch trees.

Yesterday...just yesterday ...a keepsake autograph book designed to capture the autographs of children from preschool through high school.  A perfect gift for baby showers, parents of a new baby, and for a baby's baptism, beginning or graduation from pre-school or kindergarten.  Each year, parents will have their child write their "autograph" on a designated page.  That signature becomes a keepsake moment as the years go by...beginning with a 2 year old scribble, those first attempts at writing their name, the changes in their penmanship through the years, and finally the developed grown up signature of a high schooler!  It is so nice to have those sweet signatures captured in one perfect place!  9.8" x 7.8" sturdy soft cover, spiral bound keepsake book.  Price: $9.99.
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